Youth group trip to the fair

Filed Under ( ) by ventola on Monday, November 15, 2010

I like to help out a lot with the youth group at church. I always have since I joined the church about twenty years ago. I thought about quitting once my kids were too old to be in it but it's such an important part of my life that I've stuck with it. So when we were brainstorming ideas for activities to do this fall with the youth, I suggested we take them to the state fair.

When I was doing some more reserach about ticket prices I found the site and read through it. I actually switched over our internet service to it because they had such good deals being offered.

I also ended up finding out that a Christian contemporary band that some of the kids in the youth like was going to be playing at the fair one night, so after all of them got their fill of big and scary rides, they headed over to the concert and loved it. I thought it was pretty good too and bought a CD.

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