My favorite baking competition show

Filed Under ( ) by ventola on Friday, September 3, 2010

Ultimate cake off is a great baking challenge show that I watch on my directv. I love the different tests the contestants are subjected to and the beautiful cake creations they produce. The show starts by introducing three bakers and their teams, a small back story on the schooling they received or the bakery they work for or own and then explains the day's challenges.

The task usually focuses around a charity or event, and the bakers must bake an ultimate cake and decorate it fantastically. The definition of an ultimate cake is; it must be over five feet tall and must incorporate a wow factor such as movement or electrical components within the design. The work of art must also be mostly edible, with only 20% made from Styrofoam, wood, etc. to aid to the structure and foundations.

The winner is determined by a judging panel of three permanent bakers, artists and entertainers, and a fourth judge that varies and is the person requesting the cake for their event. A winning cake is picked by taking all aspects into consideration; design, execution, the ultimate component and the beauty of the final product. The selected cake is then featured at the event it was created for and the baker receives a cash prize and the bragging rights as the Ultimate cake off winner.

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